Male surnames - "T"

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F-2   William Tabb to Malinda Kline
E-164 Edward M. Tackaberry to Mary C. Weinberg
B-134 William Taes to Louise Putney
C-143 Seth Taft to Eliza Simpson
E-28  Peter Tager to Elizabeth C. Tod
E-208 Andrew J. Taggart to Nancy Schermerhorn
E-370 Orville L. Tague to Sarah E. Johnson Hirst
E-61  C. R. Talbot to Sarah E. Webster
E-348 William R. Talbot to Dell Jackson
C-392 Seneca Talladay to Susan Orr
E-352 Samuel B. Tallman to Mary E. Willemin
E-130 Henry A. Tammis to Emma L. Fulkerson
C-417 John Tanner to Sophronia J. Williams
E-167 John W. Tanner to Mary C. Klinker
E-142 Mahlen Taplin to Josephine Hartt
E-337 James H. Tase to Sarah P. Davis
E-242 John B. Tase to Maggie E. Davis
E-311 Joseph L. Tase to Ella S. Shimmel
B-105 Theophilus Tatro to Clarissa Ducate
D-215 Anson Taylor to Mary J. McGee
D-72  Augustus F. Taylor to Ella M. Eggliston
C-473 C. T. Taylor to Carrie Church
E-85  Charles H. Taylor to Helen D. Ranson
E-300 David Taylor to Cora Martin
E-355 Fred Taylor to Inez J. Kent
E-111 Gardner C. Taylor to Miriam L. Can
C-64  George Taylor to Dinah Augsbury
C-473 George Taylor to Cornelia Delute
E-160 George A. Taylor to Mary C. Derr
C-32  Henry Taylor to Louisa Holliday
D-217 Henry C. Taylor to Mary Hall
E-123 James A. Taylor to Rose Goffmiller
D-69  Jeremiah Taylor to Eveline Warren
C-470 John Taylor to Eliza J. Detwiler
E-228 John G. Taylor to Mary Farson
C-165 John S. Taylor to Sarah Ann King
E-368 John W. Taylor to Ida B. Ford
C-403 L. L. Taylor to Lydia J. Webb
E-93  Luke Taylor to Estella E. Davis
E-169 Onegon Taylor to Naoma Conahan
C-84  Ralph B. Taylor to Mary VanVotchten
D-268 Royal Taylor to Betsy J. Sims
C-455 Seymour Taylor to Malvina Jones
D-170 Stillman L. Taylor to Hattie A. M. Hall
E-30  Thomas W. Taylor to Martha A. Bottomly
C-62  William Taylor to Mary Ann Sayles
A-256 William Taylor to Eliza Salisbury
D-205 William Taylor to Nancy A. Russell
E-211 William F. Taylor to Ida D. Ready
E-202 William H. Taylor to Druzella Wilson
F-84  William S. Taylor to Ada B. Slack
E-47  Church Teague to Maggie Jones
F-100 Eugene E. Teal to Larua A. Emmett
C-302 Nixon S. Teal to Rebbeca Siguer
C-208 Theron Teal to Elizabeth Simons
C-217 Benjamin Teasdal to Elizabeth Jordan
C-246 Edward Teasdale to Rachel Ivens
B-113 Samuel Teasdale to Frances E. Bryan
C-100 George Teasdall to Elizabeth J. Garwood
A-27  Samuel Teasdel to Mary Cook
C-1   Edward Teesdale to Sarah Tompkins
E-227 George Teesdale to Emma A. Ivians
A-3   James Telapaugh to Lucy Hill
E-291 John Telfer to Sarah E. Brown
A-132 William Telfer to Ann Sweet
E-367 Cornelius V. Teller to Mary Cooper
E-355 Isaac W. Teller to Matilda Wagner
E-273 Washington D. Teller to Julia A. Wressle
E-194 William P. Teller to Mattie A. Bell
B-108 George W. Tellers to Mary Eberhard
A-80  Thomas Tellitron to Sarah Pactin
C-275 Frederick Telster to Sophiat Pulker
See Brook TenBrook 
F-92  Henry H. Teneyck to Francis Tucker
C-220 Decias Tennings to Catherine Bennett
C-213 Robert Tennison to Maria Tennison
E-110 Daniel D. Tennyson to Lily B. Benham
F-28  Floyd M. Terril to Chloe Wilber
E-91  John W. Terrout to Barbara Hassinger
B-105 Austin Terry to Catherine Woolworth
C-186 Gardner Terry to Lucinda White
E-355 George Terry to Minnie E. Sawyer
E-160 John F. Terry to Sarah C. Sprung
B-144 Ransom Terry to Druzella Tryon
E-310 Willard Terry to Laura N. Hanson
F-60  Wm. Wallace Terry to Melissa M. Pecht
C-315 John Tesman to Mary Graw
F-106 Christian Tessien to Anna C. M. Sadewasser
F-44  Ezra Tessman to Mary S. Shroyer
E-320 John W. Tesson to Hester D. Crawford
E-103 William S. Teston to Lucetta A. Carr
A-45  William Thackaray to Ann Brown
C-347 A. L. Thalbrook to June A. Graves
E-226 James Thauist to Lydia Carter
A-237 Jonas Thayer to Eleanor Steanberry
E-208 Robert M. Thayer to Frances Blosser
C-90  Alex C. Theill to Alletta J. Kline
D-227 Bernard Theisen to Ellen Guinea
E-317 Cornelius Theobald to Mary Hummel
E-175 Leopold F. Theurer to Maria M. Theurer
D-190 Frederick A. Thieaband to Mary E. Carlisle
E-230 Alexis L. Thomas to Mary J. Burdick (*THOMS, Surname correction submitted by 
David Thoms on 18 Apr 1999.  Additional note:  Married Dec 25, 1878 in Three Rivers)
F-6   Charles J. Thomas to Mary E. Kern
D-50  Collet Thomas to Elizabeth Howder
E-168 Edward Thomas to Anna Moryer
E-217 Edward Thomas to Nettie West
C-447 Edward B. Thomas to Harriet Rice
D-49  Elias Thomas to Harriet Kelley
E-371 Ellis Thomas to Anna C. Boley
E-78  Enos Thomas to Lucinda Rupee
E-362 Everitt D. Thomas to Jennie E. Roberts
C-397 Ezra Thomas to Mary M. Moulsby
F-40  George Thomas to Mary J. Leighton
F-34  George Albert Thomas to Helen Irwin
E-97  George T. Thomas to Mary A. Willis
E-72  J. W. Thomas to Caroline Nichols
E-31  John L. Thomas to Sarah E. Westlake
E-322 Milton Thomas to Mary Word
E-205 Mirand J. Thomas to Mary Harding
E-287 Samuel R. Thomas to Flora B. Secoy
E-354 Wilfred A. Thomas to Ida M. Benton
D-75  William S. Thomas to Betsie E. Woods
E-168 Julius H. Thompkins to Ellen C. Hopkins
C-411 Allen Thompson to Lueina Rogers
E-209 Asa S. Thompson to Harriet L. Chamberlain
F-72  Calvin C. Thompson to Annie Nuth
E-283 Charles Thompson to Amanda Moffet
E-361 Charles Frederick Thompson to Elizabeth Sarah Pease
A-142 Daniel N. Thompson to Polly Andrews
C-317 Ebenezer D. Thompson to Amelia Hise
E-318 Edwin G. Thompson to Ella A. Kennedy
E-59  Edwin O. Thompson to Luna M. Perrin
B-125 Elijah Thompson to Phebe Ross
A-277 Elijah Thompson to Matilda Guerney
E-166 Franklin B. Thompson to Celia Hall
E-208 Fred L. Thompson to Alice J. Edwards
F-128 George Thompson to Mary Swartwood
F-98  George Thompson to Sarah Sage
C-156 George C. Thompson to Mary A. Frazier
E-6   George N. Thompson to Julia S. Waters
B-111 Giles Thompson to Margaret Ingerson
C-453 Henry C. Thompson to Frances M. Bliss
E-123 Herbert Thompson to Rebecca DeFrance
E-179 John T. Thompson to Harriett E. Foos
A-56  Joseph H. Thompson to Ellen T. Stewart
A-64  Joseph H. Thompson to Ellen T. Stewart
E-234 Malcolm E. Thompson to Sarah Catherine Halber
A-89  Orin E. Thompson to Catherine Roe
E-223 Perry Thompson to Edith Young
E-237 Seth D. Thompson to Caretta D. Nolan
E-107 Sherlock A. Thompson to Annie Hickman
B-61  Thomas S. Thompson to Loretta Moore
E-109 William Thompson to Eliza Hinckley
C-16  William Thompson to Sarah Emerick
E-311 Albert Thoms to Nettie S. Showerman
E-153 Archibald J. Thoms to Emma J. Underhall
E-25  Charles F. Thoms to Sarah C. Hoats
E-138 Charles F. Thoms to Hanna Hoats
B-95  Charles H. Thoms to Charlotte A. Thuband
E-335 Dixie H. Thoms to Rose Tomlinson
D-142 Frank J. Thoms to Sarah A. Ashley
C-184 Isaac N. Thoms to Harriet Bryant
A-68  James Thoms to Louisa Friedland
E-85  Joseph Thoms to Fanny C. Divine
C-252 Samuel C. Thoms to Harriet A. Woodworth
F-130 Charles O. Thomson to Cornelia E. Nelson
E-39  Alpheas Thomton to Ola Thompson
E-29  Albert R. Thorn to Anna Maria Reese
C-176 George D. Thorn to Parmelia Preswick
E-287 John D. A. Thorn to Francis S. Barnard
E-204 Julius C. Thorne to Mary Guppon
E-286 William H. Thorne to Lina Tusdale
E-129 Franklin T. Thornton to Lue Allman
C-291 James Thornton to Julia M. Jones
E-9   LaFayette Thornton to Josephine Walbert
A-257 Benjamin Thorp to Rosina Helms
C-428 C. J. Thorp to Mary J. Clement
D-100 George L. Thorp to Mary A. Wilson
D-88  Milton E. Thorp to Mary Fairfield
E-362 Steven Eugene Thorp to Ellie Wade Carrier
C-447 Balsar Thousant to Pauline Hohnberger
E-313 Fred Thrams to Hannah Halgrin
D-316 Joseph E. Thrasher to Sarah A. Ledear
E-158 Homer H. Throop to Jessie B. Frame
E-65  Samuel Throp to Clara Hill
D-206 Abner Thurber to Maranda Graves
A-46  Erastus Thurber to Delia M. Day
A-3   George Thurstin to Sally Jones
A-63  Solomon Thurstin to Ann Stebbins
C-348 A. P. Thurston to Ellen Mathewson
F-130 Agamemnon H. Thurston to Jennie Cleveland
E-176 Agamemnon H. Thurston to Elizabeth J. Shack
E-261 Benjamin Thurston to Mary Tyler
E-36  Cassius B. Thurston to Ann E. Mathewson
C-359 Daniel Thurston to Julia A. Howell
D-173 E. P. Thurston to Sarah Currier
C-34  Franklin H. Thurston to Jane F. Williams
A-79  Masena P. Thurston to Lavinia Washburn
E-272 Patrodus Thurston to Estella Dexter
E-86  Solen K. Thurston to Ella Warden
E-19  Solomon Thurston to Margaret J. Moloy
C-134 Ulyssus J. Thurston to Mary A. Baker
E-273 V. F. Thurston to Addie M. Hatch
C-40  Joseph Thwret to Sarah E. Taylor
C-255 Joseph A. Tibbits to Elvina C. Rosebrook
E-99  Polk E. Tibbits to Lovilla R. Hazzard
C-125 George H. Tice to V. M. Woodward
E-88  Charles Tietson to Agnes E. Crosby
E-330 Alva Tiffany to Zingara Carpenter
D-225 James Tilfer to Clara E. Trebis
E-3   James Tilfer to Clara E. Trebis
E-188 John C. Tillitson to Ella Fry
E-37  James Tilloson to Margaret Fry
E-344 Christopher Timm to Carolina Brandt
E-18  Christopher Timm to Frederika Yauney
E-180 Fred Timm to Katie Asmus
E-336 Fred W. Timm to Ella W. Pound
E-8   Fred W. Timm to Ella W. Pound
D-195 Frederick Timm to Maria Miller
C-400 Frederick Timm to Christina Rooklist
E-48  Helmuth Timm to Sophia Kastdorf
C-222 Joachim Timm to Mary Janing
E-132 Joachim Timm to Maria Hagen
C-251 John Timm to Caroline Stambeck
E-337 John Timm to Bertha Michael
C-381 John Timm to Reka Shreden
E-5   John A. Timm to Frederika J. Slurf
E-240 Louis Timm to Mary Horn
E-132 Ludwig Timm to Wilhelmia Schermier
C-177 William Timm to Thirmer Engall
C-463 Frederick Timmerman to Matilda Fanig
E-259 Zezah B. Timmerman to Elizabeth S. Houghtty
E-156 Richard S. Timmis to Josephine L. Hall
E-22  Thomas H. Timmis to Sarah E. Roach
E-97  Willie C. Timmis to Lydia Hall
E-341 Edgar L. Tingley to Margaret J. Wagner
D-179 David Tinker to Mary Andress
D-198 Edward Tinker to Mary Barks
C-385 Harvey G. Tinker to Eliza A. Gibson
C-296 Martin Tinker to Carrie Thurston
E-86  Richard Tinley to Dulcena Hart
E-18  Walter Tirrett to Florence Hodge
C-442 Chester Tisdale to Theda D. Atchison
E-282 Samuel Tittle to Zelphaan Long
E-275 Albert C. Titus to Olivia J. Hill
A-222 George W. Titus to Polly Hull
D-109 Milton Titus to Mary Jane Blair
E-343 William L. Titus to Sarah E. Knight
E-350 Nelson I. Tobey to Clara B. Root
C-282 George Tobias to Margett Huggins
E-224 Albert M. Todd to Augusta M. Allman
C-438 James A. Todd to Marian Shmidt
E-54  John W. Todd to Emeline Baker
E-157 Oliver H. Todd to Julia E. Farrand
E-105 Samuel Todd to Sarah Triest
E-319 William A. Todd to Nellie Morann
E-35  Isaac C. Toffin to Varilia Horner
F-46  Thomas Tolbert to Ulida Boyer
C-294 William Tomlinson to Mary A. Swarts
E-310 Alfred S. Tompkins to Harriet A. Mathewson
F-100 Frederick A. Tompkins to Mary Alice Heunt
B-122 Leander Tompkins to Frances S. Bastwick
E-322 Alpeus Toms to Emma Hill
E-170 Jasper B. Toms to Alice Murphey
D-246 George Toogood to Emily Pepper
E-8   George Toogood to Emily Pepper
E-233 William Henry Toogood to Mary Jane Billiman
C-93  Charles Topham to Mary Ann Jessup
F-26  David Torey to Emma Fish
E-191 Peter J. Tormey to Mary C. Beck
C-200 James L. Torrence to Charlotte J. Fenlin
E-222 James S. Tosh to Mary Miller
F-20  Isaac W. Tousley to Julia Bell Coleman
D-9   Balser Toussanit to Mary Schmedorf
C-372 Sylvanus T. Towce to Sophronia Williams
E-353 Freeman C. Tower to Bertha E. Mease
F-6   Melvin Towles to Jennie K. Lincoln
E-254 George A. Townsend to Lottie Carson
E-175 John M. Townsend to Flora A. Binebright
E-367 Charles E. Tracey to Minnie B. Ferguson
F-22  Frank C. Tracy to Emma May Davis
C-76  James Tracy to Hannah Barker
E-112 John Tracy to Laura Willits
E-68  John Tracy to Mary L. Castle
E-137 Levi Tracy to Sarah E. Tracy
D-33  Robert P. Tracy to Lydia J. Greggs
E-122 Wallace Tracy to Malinda Speer
E-54  John F. W. Tramms to Johanna M. F. Frost
E-354 Hugh Travers to Mary E. Weed
F-8   Robert Traverse to Mary E. Kershner
E-224 Charles E. Travis to Louis Atwater
A-78  Leonard W. Travis to Deborah Turner
E-242 Sumner Travis to Alice M. Hartman
C-353 Samuel Trayer to Mary Boughton
E-248 Dennis C. Treat to Sarah C. Green
E-186 Martin Treats to Sarah Flinn
E-164 Christopher Trecken to Louisa Hallman
E-57  John S. Trego to Eliza Selder
E-41  Fred Tressler to Mary J. Houghtaling
E-104 Russel E. Treston to Mary A. Fulkerson
E-359 Isaac Trey to Rose Schweitzer
C-248 Isaac N. Treyer to Frances E. Spencer
E-243 Charles F. Tribbet to Elmira Stuck
E-235 Joseph Alonzo Tribbetts to Ida C. Walter
E-313 William Trimmis, Sr. to Orpha R. Wall
F-98  Robert C. Triplett to Blanch O. Cornell
B-78  James Tripp to Rose A. Barnabee
C-257 Orsemus K. Tripp to Calista Craft
E-371 Thomas Trittafroe to Johanna Berington
B-140 George Trott to Phebe C. True
C-339 Benjamin Troup to Eunice Bartholomew
D-150 John E. Troup to Helen Raymond
F-72  John O. Trox to Sarah E. Yong
E-116 Alam J. Troxel to Joanna P. Troxel
E-191 Jale G. Troxel to Mary J. Blanchard
E-99  John W. Troxel to Jennie L. Fort
E-36  Jerome C. Troxell to Lizzie C. Evans
F-16  Charles A. Troy to Alcesta H. Reed
B-87  George M. Troy to Matilda Armitage
F-78  Homer L. Troy to Mary E. Spealman
D-17  Sylvester Troy to Carrie M. Bean
B-160 Sylvester Troy to Louisa Carpenter
C-30  Theodore Troy to Rosanna Clubine
B-42  Whitefield Troy to Martha M. Long
F-102 Allen B. Troyer to Ella Pence
E-367 Daniel B. Troyer to Mary A. Hustter
C-353 Jacob Troyer to M. Milliman
E-141 Jesse Troyer to Mary Whitman
E-163 James C. Truber to Lizzie M. Foote
E-148 Erastus S. Trubey to Mattie D. Liddle
F-120 Lyman D. Trubey to Addie C. Carpenter
C-7   Isaac Truce to Permelia Curtis
C-415 Ira Trude to Chloe Surdam
E-174 Dwight P. Trudell to Ellen L. Bois
C-39  Abraham B. True to Cordelia M. A. Thurber
E-61  Abram B. True to Susan E. Dewitt
B-127 Harrison Truesdell to Julia A. Osborn
A-220 John Truesdell to Vashti Wooden
A-241 Norman S. Truesdell to Polly Hatch
E-249 William H. Trumble to Hannah Fray
D-199 Walter N. Trumbull to Josephine H. Peeke
E-60  Reuben Trussel to Wealthy A. Washburn
F-28  Frank Trussell to Alice Margaret Midlam
C-152 Reuben W. Trussle to Sarah M. Garlick
E-338 Reuben Try to Elgina Vincent
E-50  William Try to Mary A. Drumhiller
D-115 William H. Try to Harriet Hile
E-351 Joseph F. Tubbs to Emily Russell
E-151 Joseph F. Tubbs to Emma Edwards
C-22  Joseph H. Tubbs to Elizabeth A. Peak
C-117 Joseph H. Tubbs to Cordelia C. Gillett
D-415 Joseph T. Tubbs to Emily Russell
E-192 Lewis H. Tubbs to Ettie Salsig
E-45  Lucius Tubbs to Sarah Lynnell
B-22  Samuel Tubbs to Harriet Lutes
E-25  Charles B. Tucker to Maggie M. Prutzman
E-23  George Tumbleson to Mary C. Hiatt
E-270 John N. Tumbleson to Hannah C. Fierston
C-9   William F. Turk to Eliza Beaver
E-58  Fred Turkon to Frederica Timm
E-255 Charles Turnbal to Julia Carpenter
E-261 John O. Turnbull to Minnie A. Pratt
E-31  Marvill Turnbull to Amanda M. Hutchinson
B-85  Ezekial B. Turner to Helen Bishop
E-341 George R. Turner to Jennie E. Johnson
E-235 Henry M. Turner to Martha Johnson
E-79  J. D. Turner to Susan C. Hurrington
E-95  Moses H. Turner to Martha U. Turner
C-348 Nelson Turner to Catherine Bell
C-429 Wm. R. Tustison to Emma Hamlin
D-69  Francis H. Tuthill to Charlotte Engle
F-114 Abner Tuttle to Artie M. Reis
C-478 Abner Tuttle to Catherine Carkenord
D-12  Frances M. Tuttle to M. E. VanAlstine
E-205 Hiram O. Tuttle to Lucy L. Rinley
C-157 Alexander Tweedle to Julia Williamson
C-256 C. R. Twichell to Amanda Morrison
C-170 Charles R. Twichell to Adaline McKee
B-92  Ansel Tyler to Harriet L. Foot
C-95  Comfort Tyler to Sally Tyler
E-366 Comfort A. Tyler to Eva Watson
C-279 David M. Tyler to Marian Washburn
E-285 Frank A. Tyler to Mary S. Moore
E-147 Isaac Tyler to Imtha V. Scoville
E-181 Jacob M. Tyler to Lodie C. Hagg
E-93  John R. Tyler to Ella Gurney
C-255 Joseph Tyler to Rosella P. Blanchard
E-144 Nathan Tyler to Elizabeth A. O. Williams
E-192 William Tyler to Harriet L. Tames
C-148 William Tyler to Jane Wolverton
E-365 Elias Nathaniel Tyrill to Matilda Ann Wickershaw
E-291 Samuel H. Tyron to Hattie H. Rose
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