Male surnames - "U"

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C-439 Addison A. Udell to Ann E. Chaffie
E-87  Daniel L Udell to Mary L. Vincent
E-15  Jacob Ulam to Mary Cutting
C-478 John Ulam to Mary Ulam
F-44  Clarence E. Ulery to Ida Burkey
E-327 Albert W. Ulrich to Susana M. Snyder
E-294 John J. Ulrich to Carrie Sager
E-235 La Fayette Ulrich to Laiera Emogene Rardeen
D-8   Madison J. Ulrich to Carrie Felker
E-298 Joseph H. Ulsh to Emma L. Bramer
E-77  John Ulsh to Maria Klein
B-51  Moses Ulter to Harriet E. Johnson
E-367 Frederick Ultritz to Lilla Flickinger
F-62  Jeremiah J. Ultz to Ida M. Modert
E-346 John J. Ultz to Dorotha Riskire
D-18  Alexander Umsted to Effie Benfield
F-90  Martin Underhalt to Katie O'Connor
E-54  Samuel M. Underwood to Emma D. Hunt
E-182 John Unterkircher to Caroline Sendlinger
E-67  Edward Upham to Catherine Hagadorn
E-330 Nelson J. Upham to Gertrude A. Packard
B-158 Isaac Upson to Cynthia Mallick
C-389 Byron W. Uptegrove to Jennie M. Huntley
C-345 Charles W. Uptegrove to Mary Goodrich
C-132 Charles W. Uptegrove to Ellen Butler
E-147 John Uran to Alice Hayes
B-113 Francis Utter to Sophia Coradray
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