Male surnames - "Y"

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E-47  Peter Yaegar to Elizabeth Todd
E-140 Peter Yaegar, Jr. to Eliza Kinch
C-407 John Yanney to Mary J. Howard
B-15  William Yanney to Louisa Craig
E-222 Henry K. Yaple to Louie K. Cuddy
A-50  Chapman Yates to Harriet Barton
E-169 Smith Yates to Julia McLain
F-64  Christopher F. Yauney to Sarah Ella Bolander
B-102 James Yauney to Huldah M. Fisher
E-96  John Yeager to Louisa Rosenbach
E-241 Jacob Yeagler to Ella Crane
E-187 Henry Yearn to Louisa Dehu
E-226 Alfred Yeatter to Ida A. Frary
C-366 John Yeatter to Eliza A. Benedict
D-141 Solomon Yeatter to M. A. Benedict
D-180 John Yellings to Mary M. Valentine
E-130 Aaron Yenger to Adelia Sanders
E-106 Benomi Yeomans to Frances Glover
E-341 Austin Yern to Minnie Brown
C-203 Michael Yetter to Laura A. Hurley
F-128 Frank Ynkelvitch to Bertha Bailer
E-285 Christopher J. Yoder to Rachel Layman
E-284 Henry Yoder to Emma Spaid
E-11  Josiah Yoder to Jane Hitesman
E-232 Abiner P. Yorton to Abbie E. Hill
E-34  Bernard Yost to Christine Herdel
E-137 Alexander Youells to Mary V. Avery
E-340 Mordice P. Youlls to Mary Scott
E-8   John W. Youney to Lola L. Fulkerson
D-269 Alexander Young to Mary L. Howard
C-474 Alexander Young to Mary Crossman
D-266 Alexander Young to Mary L. Howard
E-57  Allan M. Young to Caroline Moore
C-140 Charles Young to Emma Harmer
E-308 Charles A. Young to Anna Doy
E-320 Doc. Young to Alice B. Young
E-155 Edward P. Young to Viola I. Jenks
F-38  Edward Phillip Young to Hattie Pierson
E-12  Fayette C. Young to Hanna B. Gillis
E-22  Henry Young to Martha A. Bennett
E-124 Henry Young to Harriet Wyman
E-8   Isaac Young to Lenora J. Silliman
A-275 John Young to Harriet Osgood
E-276 John Young to Mary McQueen
E-51  John Young to Alice S. Lehr
D-248 John B. Young to Ellen Foster
E-8   John B. Young to Ellen Foster
D-64  Madison Young to Rebecca Shirley
E-299 Oliver W. Young to Amanda Ellingwood
F-128 Samuel Young to Lovice Wachterhauser
C-163 Simeon Young to Helen Vanordstrand
D-146 Solomon Young to Mary Mathews
B-79  Thomas Young to Amy Childs
E-199 William Young to Margaret Wagar
E-359 William B. Young to Lillie Slegman
E-348 Henry Younger to Lottie West
E-354 Isaac C. Younger to Hannah Nenzel
E-244 Jerome Youngkin to Eliza Bingham
E-333 Fred M. Younglove to Carrie C. Simons
C-328 Cornelius Youngs to Eunice Adams
E-114 Jerry Yourkman to Lida Dunn
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