Male surnames - "Z"

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E-299 Edward Zanker to Callie Bretton
E-131 Christian Zeble to Caroline Brast
E-201 Samuel Zeiber to Nellie Mains 
E-165 Emanuel Zeigler to Rebecca Harding
F-6   George W. Zeigler to Cyrelia (Dyer) Taylor
E-241 Frank Zelt to Caroline Habert
E-14  Josephus W. Zelupp to Mary Ann Dewater
F-70  John F. Zent to Agatha L. Clutter
E-135 Lewis T. Zent to Lucy J. Hamby
E-47  Franklin B. Zerly to Sarah A. Hess
E-350 Levi Zierle to Wilhelmina M. Lauer
D-135 Samuel Zimmer to Elizabeth L. Boyles
F-54  Daniel P. Zimmerman to Amanda E. Worner
F-62  Henry F. Zimmerman to Jane L. Lehr
E-353 John Zimmerman to Kattie Bradley
B-1   John D. Zimmerman to Phebe A. Allen
A-226 John T. Zimmerman to Phebe Ann Allen
F-126 Jonas Zook to Rebeca Schrock
E-316 Menno S. Zook to Mary M. Yoder
C-14  William F. Zuck to Emily Tilloston
C-11  John Zuk to Naoma E. Knor
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