The St. Joseph, The Portage, The Rocky
                                              "The Three Rivers"

    The St. Joseph River, first known as the River of the Miamies, rises in Hillsdale County.  It flows a meandering course of 250 miles.  Bending, twisting, backtracking through southwestern Michigan into Indiana, bending back again, it reaches Lake Michigan.
    The Portage, peaceful and placid, enter the St. Joseph from the north.  The Rocky flows snakelike through rushes and cattails and enters the big river from the west.  The three rivers meet, flowing together - they become one.
    The deer and raccoon made the river their home, turtles rested in its' shallow waters and wild
geese followed its' course.
    It was a river of history, traveled by Indians, traders, missionaries and finally the pioneers who
believed this was the place for a new home, a new life.
    A thousand stories the river could tell of the many years gone by.

The St Joseph River The Portage River
The Rocky River The Three Rivers

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