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The Diary of
Mary E.

I dedicate these pages in memory of
Mary E. HEIFNER, my GGrandmother. Standing in back from left: Jennie (Margaret Jane) (BECKWITH) MERRY and Orlo Fayette BECKWITH; Seated in front from left: Pembroke Somerset BECKWITH; Frank Heifner BECKWITH and the author of these writings,

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Births 1874-1906

Generally in Nottawa Township, St. Joseph County, Michigan as recorded in the pages of the
Mary E. (Heifner) Beckwith Diaries.
Grandma Beckwith

Andrews, Florence (Klady), little girl next to Jean that is living born 23 Aug 1898
Baldwin, Mabel (Merry), 1st baby born 25 Dec 1898.........Byrne
Baldwin, Mabel (Merry), 2nd baby born 1 April 1900..........Wright
Bastian, Thomas and Rossa (Hincher), baby born 4 Sep 1876
Beckwith, Orlo and Mary (McKale), son born 20 Dec 1898.......Earl Clifton
Beckwith, Orlo and Mary (McKale), 2nd son born 20 Feb 1901......William Pembroke
Beckwith, Orlo and Mary (McKale), 1st girl born 26 Jul 1903.......Josephine
Beckwith, Orlo and Mary (McKale), boy born 9 PM, 9 lbs, 14 Sep 1905...Bryant>
Beckwith, Thad and Emma (Rote), son born 3 Jun 1882........Mentor
Beckwith, Thad and Emma (Rote), 2nd son born Tuesday, 18 Feb 1890......Raymond
Bell, V's 5th boy, born 22 jan 1893
Belote, Allison's 1st baby born 29 Sep 1876
Belote, Allison's 2nd baby born 26 Apr 1885
Belote, Sara's baby born 9 Mar 1875
Bennett, Helen's 1st baby girl born 15 Sep 1884
Bennett, Jim's son after Ethel born 17 May 1885
Bennett, Mrs. Helen had a son born in California or Colorado in Feb or Mar 1900
Bennett, Sherman had a son born in April 1900
Bowersox, Lena's little girl born 20 minutes to 10PM, 15 September 1896........Dorothy
Bowersox, Lena's little girl next to Dorothy born 16 May 1898
Bucknell, Mary had baby born the week of 26 Apr 1906
Clark, Mrs. Chauncy's bay born Jun 1898
Cole, 5th child born 20 Oct 1881, Mrs. had girl born 11 Oct 1895, 8AM, 8 and 3/4 pounds
Cummings, Elewese and Frank's 3rd, girl born 18 May 1898.......Deborah
Currier, (Curier) Clark's baby was 6 days old on 18 Nov 1874
Currier, Mira's twins born 3 Feb 1878
Currier, Osker's baby born 331 Jan 1879
Currier, Stell's baby was born 8 Apr 1881
Currier, Stell's 2nd son born 22 Feb 1889, 5 1/2 lbs.
Currier, Osker and Stell's baby born 23 Oct to Florence
Cutler, Charlie's baby 17 Mar 1906, 11 1/2 pounds
Cutler, Evy's baby born 21 Oct 1881
Cutler, Eva's 2nd baby 3 weeks old last Sat., recorded Mon, 7 Jan 1884
Cutler, Eva's 3rd son born 22 Feb 1889, 5 pounds and 8 oz
Cutler, Dudly and Eva's son born 22 Jun 1897........Frank
Cutler, Charles' son was born 3 Mar 1905.........Milton Dudley
Davis, Geo and Lottie (Schermerhorn), 1st little girl born 16 Jun 1886
Davis, Lottie's little girl born 14 jan 1896
DeLong, Mandy had a baby girl 4 May 1898
Dock, Mr. 1st baby born 23 Apr 1899
Drake, Mrs. baby born 1 Sep 1877
Eaton, Lill had a girl born 3 Apr 1902
Eggleston, Jennie's girl born Jan 1887
Engle, George's baby 7 weeks old on 29 Aug 1875
Eshleman, Mrs. Wesley (Millie Mathison), baby born 19 Feb 1899
Fisher, Mattie's girl was born 18 Jul 1898........Fern
Forbs, Mrs. Clide's baby girl first born 17 Feb 1900
Fowler, William's 4th born Jan 1898
Frarie, baby girl born 12 Jul 1885
Frarie, Hattie (Snook), boy born 1 Feb 1900.......Morris
Freed, Hank's girl born 10 Jan 1900
Glossip, Phillip and Dazy, baby girl, recorded on 10 Oct 1900
Hart, Mrs., girl born 19 May 1885 after Brucie
Hasbrook, Joe's 2nd boy was born 28 Dec 1885........Frankie
Hostead, Mrs. baby born Jul 1898
Heifner, Libby's baby born 5 Nov 1876, Ashland, Ohio
Heifner, Jesse's baby born 29 Aug 1878 in Ashland, Ohio
Houghtelling, Mrs. Bell's second son born 1 Mar 1893
Houghtelling, Bell's 4th baby boy born 1 Jul 1897
Hutchison, Bine's little girl born 17 Jul 1876.......Sina
Johnson, Celia's 3rd born 7 Oct 1883
Jones, Mrs. Paul's girl born 28 Jan 1898
Kelly, Lizzie had 3rd, 3 Sep 1900
Knox, Mrs. Frank, 2nd boy 21 Aug 1892
Knox, Mrs. Wm., son 12 Oct or 13th, 1898
Long, twins born 24 Sep 1897
Luscom, (Luscombe?), Bob's little girl born 29 NOv 1902
Mathison, Linne's 1st born 11 Jan 1885
McKale, Mrs. baby girl born 30 Oct 1899. This was Mrs. McKale the mother of Mrs. Orlo Beckwith
Merry, Harry and Jennie (Beckwith), son born 18 Dec 1894......Irwin
Merry, Lew and Effie (Daniels) had daughter born Apr 1900........Katherine
Mumby, John and Alice had a baby born about 19 Aug 1898
Mumby, John and Alice had baby 12 Aug 1900
Mumby, John and Alice 3rd baby born 12 Jan 1903
Mumby, Bob's 2nd baby was born 6 Jan 1901
Mumby, Bob's baby boy born 20 Jun 1906
Nearhood, Hannah's 1st 3 Nov 1887
Nearhood, Ollie (Lann) 1st girl born 6 Jan 1901
Needan, Frank, 1st baby 22 Aug 18756
Newcomer, 2nd baby born 4 Jan 1903
Newman, Annie (Tyler) baby 4 Jun 1874
Priest, Emm's baby born 4 Jun 1874
Reed, May had baby born Sun, 5 Nov 1887
Richardson, Lank's baby born Sun, 26 Feb 1888
Russell, Ella's baby born 4 May 1878
Schellinger, Christie's first baby born 3 Ma 1881
Schermerhorn, Ede's baby came 6 Apr 1881
Schermerhorn, Mrs. Flave (Grace Pease) 1st baby born 25 Jun 1885
Schermerhorn, Grace (Pease) had new baby (no date given) but recorded 13 Dec 1886
Schermerhorn, Mr. and Mrs. Ved first girl born 1st Feb 1900
Schermerhorn, Johnny's first girl born 17 Dec 1902
Schermerhorn, Grace's baby born 4 Jan 1903
Snook, Dan's baby born 22 Jun 1881
Snook, Dan's 2nd boy born 6 Dec 1885
Snook, Dan's son next to Curtis born 13 Jan 1899......Chester
Snook, Dan's son born 3 Jan 1897....Curtis
Snook, Jim and Bell's baby born 14 Aug 1882
Thurston, Dora (Bennett) first baby born 3 Aug 1900
Thurston, Ella's baby born 21 Feb 1875
Thurston, Ella's baby was born 11 Jul 1878
Thurston, Libby's baby born 6 Feb 1880
Thurston, Sara's baby born 28 Oct 1875
Timm, Gertie's 1st girl born 24 Jan 1905
Timm, Mrs. Joe (Altha Henry) her first born 26 Apr 1905, a boy
Todd, Bertie's first girl 12 Jul 1885
Todd, Bertie's 3rd boy born 10 Sep 1887
Todd, Oliver's baby was born 15 Dec 1882
Van Meter, Lee's first baby born 28 Jul 1886
Wagnor, Mrs. Franks' 4th baby boy born 11 Mar 1899
Wagnor, Mr and Mrs. Frank had a baby born 27 Apr 1900, 10 pounds
Wagnor, Mrs. Lew's first boy born 13 Sep 1899
Wagnor, Mrs. Lew's baby girl born 15 Jul 1903
Walkenteen, Mrs. Herman had a baby 12 Jun 1906
Walters, Jennie's baby born 3 Oct 1878
Webber, Cora first baby boy born 23 Dec 1899......Henry
Webber, Mr and Mrs. Fred frist girl 1 Jan 1899
Wellington, Bertha (Bucknell) first born 4 Nov 1897
Wellington, Fred and Bertha's 2nd baby girl born 2 1900
Wellington, Nett's 2nd boy born 25 Aug 1884
Wellington, Nett's girl born Jun 1900
West, Luell's 1st baby born 19 Dec 1885
Wilcox, Jennie of Grand Rapids had a son born 9 Jul 1905
Williams, George's 1st born 26 Apr 1899
Williams, Neoma (Glossip) 2nd born 25 Jan 1906

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