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Wed, 17 Dec 1997


I an researching all with the surname MACHAN (my maiden name). My ancestors came from PA to OH to IN to MI. Will share.
Please email to Peg Adams

Sat, 2 May 1998


We are looking for any information on Joseph(Joe) MALONE whose sons were Charlie and Lloyd Elmer. Charlie had two children Harry and Goldie. Lloyd married Zada MILLER and theyhad one son Lloyd Alfred and one daughter Marjory. Marjory died at 9 months.
Please email to Robi Malone

Sat, 1 Feb 1997


Wish to contact anyone researching the John WINCHELL, family. I am descended through his daughter Elizabeth, b. 1805 in NY. She married Samuel MARKHAM in 1827 in St. Joseph County. They moved to Cass County, Pokagon Twp, until 1847 when Samuel led a wagon train over the Oregon Trail to Oregon City, OR. Elizabeth's sister Otelia and her husband Adam POLK were among the pioneers traveling in the wagon train.
Please email to Linda Markham Curry

Sat, 12 Apr 1997


I have an old photograph taken around 1850 of a MARVILL gentleman. I also have some other documents of his that I bought at an auction in Virginia several years ago. I would like to get these into the hands of MARVILL family descendents as none of the names mentioned in the documents touch on any of my family lines.
Please email to Claudia L. Naugle Curry

Sun, 19 Jan 1997


MARVIN family includes: John William Marvin (1909-1990) Lawrence Edward MARVIN (1868-1931) and Edward MARVIN (1864-1909) The PARKER family has one of my big problems. Ada Erminnie Parker(1874-1965), married to Lawrence E. MARVIN, is the daughter of John or Charles PARKER and Minnie Augusta GRAHAM. Since Ada lived in St. Joseph County, I can't help but wonder if the PARKER/GRAHAM family ended up living there, too. I do not have death or family information for them.
Please email to: Evelyn Elder

Fri, 3 Jan 1997


I am interested in the ancestors and decendants of Reuben L. MAURER and his wife, Sophia RIEGEL. He was born 17 Dec 1825 in Mulsonburg, Clearfield Co., PA and died 10 Feb 1880 in Three Rivers, St. Joseph Co., MI. She was born 17 Sep 1824 in Union Co., PA and died 20 May 1906 in Marcellus, Cass Co., MI. They were m) 9 Aug 1846 in PA. Their children were as follows: Lewis Solomon, Amaline Dorothy "Emma", Margaret Susannah (m George M. SCHUG), George Amous, Katherine Sophia (m __ BRUSMAN), Sarah Ann (m Charles Wallace KLINE), Mary Lydia (m William H. BRUSMAN), Reuben Wilson, Elizabeth B. K., Laura Genetta (m __ EVERETT and __ KNAPP), Josephine Ellen (m Sopharis C. HARTMAN). They moved to MI in 1866. Gene P. Ewert
Rt 2 Box 299E
Neodesha, KS 66757
Please email to: Gene P. Ewert

Sat, 7 Feb 1998


I am working on a project to trace ALL the families who lived at one time in the BLACK RIVER VALLEY of southern Windsor County, Vermont. Many of the MI pioneers were VERMONTERS!. Searching families of southern Windsor County, Vermont, including the towns of: Andover-- Amsden--, Chester--, Cavendish--, Proctorsville --, Ludlow--, Gassetts--, Perkinsville--, Reading--, Felchville--, Plymouth--, Saltash--, Weathersfield--, West Windsor--, Brownsville--, Baltimore. My Web Page Site
Please email to: Linda Margaret Farr Welch

Mon, 8 Jun 1998


Orlando MILLAR married Mary NEWCOMB 1826 Otsego Co., NY. They moved to St Joseph area in 1835. The book Andrew Newcomb and his descendents, printed 1926, states: Mary NEWCOMB and Orlando MILLAR (millar) moved to St Joseph River, there not being a town of that name, maybe St. Joseph County.
Please email to Ben Millar

Sat, 2 May 1998


We are looking for any information on the Adam MILLER line, Adam and Elizabeth came from PA then moved to LaGrange Co., IN. Several of their children moved to this area. Any information would be appreciated.
Please email to Robi Malone

Wed, 5 Feb 1997


My grandmother and my great-aunt are twin sisters born 11 December 1896. Both are still living. I believe they may have been born in White Pigeon. I'm reasonably sure they lived there at one time. There names are Vera ANDREWS MILLIMAN and Versa ANDREWS MILLIMAN. Their parents were Melvin MILLIMAN and FRANCES Emiline ANDREWS born 12 Jan 1876 and 30 Jan 1876 respectively. Melvin MILLIMAN was the son of William Wesley MILLIMAN, born 3 Sep 1848 and Susan KELLER born c 1845-1850, married fall 1870. Melvin MILLIMAN had 9 brothers and sisters : Lyman, Nelson, Lawrence, Cora, Jesse, others are ?? I'm searching to expand this branch of my family tree. Any input would be appreciated. Thanx
Please email to: Scott Lockhart

Tue, 25 Feb 1997


Trying to contact anyone with information on the name MILLIMAN. I am the great-granddaughter of Lyman MILLIMAN. Also anyone with information on the MILLIMAN family line or any surnames related through marriage to the MILLIMAN line, I will share what information I have with you.
Please email to: Barbara Milliman

Sat, 2 May 1998


MOAK, MOOK, MOCK, MOKE, MOGH. Trying to locate the family of Peter MOAK, born c. 1795-1825.His brothers include: Nicolaus, Phillip, John, and Jacob. He resided in White Pigeon in the year 1886 (year that brother Nicolaus MOAK died). Any help locating this family line, or associated family lines is greatly appreciated. Known associated families to Nicolaus MOAK are: CARPENTER, LEWIS, GRAY, GENUNG, BATES, MCCORMICK.
Please email to Jan Skinner

Sat, 14 Feb 1998


I am looking for information on Willard W. MORGAN or the MORGAN family. I am mainly looking for the names of his parents. Willard W. MORGAN was born in New York March 6, 1821. Lived in Burr Oak Michigan 1853- the fall of 1865. He enlisted in the 9th calvary 1863. Married Miranda LYON Jan. 1, 1848 and am looking for information on the LYON family, also.
Please email to: Mark Baker

Mon, 2 Jun 1997


Seccrateus MYERS married Nettie B. ? and lived in St. Joseph Co. Mi. They had 4 children that I know of: Margaret, Harold, Dessie and Gatha. Gatha MYERS married Mortimer SPREUER. Seccrateus was born abt. 1874 in Indiana. Nettie B. was born in Michigan. Any information would be helpful.
Please email to: Judy Hull

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Tue, 11 Feb 1997


I just found out that the original surname I am researching, NEDDO, is a variation of NADEAU. Both spellings may be used in the same family. Three members of this family lived in St. Joseph County right after the Civil War. [1894] Bozeal NEDDO, Mendon Twp., Frank NEDDO, Col. Twp., and Oliver NEDDO in Leelanau (sp?). There was also a Barney NADEAU possibly of Mendon. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Please email to: V. S. Kelly

Mon, 10 Feb 1997


I am seeking information on the NEDDO family who resided in St. Joseph County, MI between 1850-???? Some of the first names are Rose NEDDO, Levi NEDDO, Gilbert NEDDO and Oliver NEDDO. I hope that they are my long lost family and would appreciate any information I could get, however small. I would also love to hear from any living descendants.
Please email to: V. S. Kelly

Sun, 25 May 1997


I had a bit of information that my GGGrandfather died in St. Joseph Co, MI in Fawn River twp and I am hoping that someone might be able to help me, as I don't know where else to turn if this lead doesn't follow through. His name was Edwin NEGUS, born on 8 Nov 1807 in Syracuse, New York. He was married in Syracuse, New York to Hannah EFFINGHAM. She died 20 Dec 1891 and is buried in Hopkins, Missouri (I don't know why they weren't buried together, that's what I'd like to find out). They had at least four children: 1)John E. NEGUS (my GGrandfather) born on 2 Feb 1843 and married Eliza SHERMAN; 2)Eliza Ann NEGUS was born on 27 Dec 1847 and married William ZEILMAN; 3)Millard NEGUS was born on 19 May 1849 and died on 31 Oct 1898 (don't know anything else about him); and 4)George NEGUS was born on 6 Dec 1851 and died on 28 Oct 1930, was married to 1st) Elizabeth GARDNER and 2nd) Martha Jane THOMPSON. If anyone can verify that Edwin died in St. Joseph Co., please contact me. Thanks.
Please email to: Doug Negus

Sat, 11 Apr 1998


Researching Frank C. NEWELL, born in South Bend, Ind. in 1840-1860 time period. Looking for date of birth and parents. Frank was married to Nellie Marion FOX and had 3 children, Charlotte NEWELL, Frank C. NEWELL, Jr, and Gordon NEWELL, who died at 3 years of age.
Please email to:Isabelle Rood

Sat, 21 Feb 1998


I am trying to find out if the gangster/bootlegger Frank NITTI ever had a residence in these parts. Any assistance you might offer would be apprepriated.
Please email to: KevinBoyer

Sun, 11 Jan 1998


I'm looking for my ancestors and living relatives. My father was John NOYES, Sr. born 1901. He had 1 siser, Ella NOYES. Their father's name was David NOYES married to Helen. My father had an uncle named Charles NOYES and I believe one named Phillip NOYES. Dad's Uncles fled to America from England to escape having to take a seat on England's Parliament. Any information about living relatives will be greatly appreciated.
Please email to: Vernon Noyes

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Mon, 20 Jan 1997


Searching for my PARHAM ancestors. Loren Elliot PARHAM was born 10 DEC 1848 in St. Joseph Co., Michigan. He married Asenath Estella SANDERSON. They had nine children: Fred Newton, Allen Eugene, Gertrude Armenta (my GGgrandmother), Arthur J., Angie Belle, Ernest Christian, Myrtle Asenath, Laura Lorena, and Loren Lesley. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Please email to: Doug Urquhart

Sat, 28 Feb 1998


Seeking information on John PRAIS, lived in St. Joseph Mi in 1940s, child of Ambrose PRAIS, born at Steven's Point, Wi. and Elizabeth. Sibling of Natalie, Frances, Kathryn, Pearl, Joseph, Jule and Frank. Will gladly share info. Thank You .
Please email to: Susan Anger

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Sun, 26 Aug 1997


Looking for RAWSON in St Joseph Co., Mi.
Please email to: Alison Franks

Sun, 3 Aug 1997


Oliver RAYMOND lived in White Pigeon, St. Joseph County from 183? to 1849 when he followed the Gold Rush to California. He returned in 1860 and died a year later. He was married to Eunice Bates ELLIOTT on 21 Dec 1828 in New York. They had the following children: Louisa RAYMOND (b. 28 Jan 1830), Sarah Louisa RAYMOND (b. 24 Apr 1832), Rosamond Elizabeth RAYMOND (b. 12 Jan 1835), Susan RAYMOND (b. 19 Apr 1837), Hellen RAYMOND (b. 15 Oct 1842), William Elliot RAYMOND (b. 9 Apr 1845), John Mulford "Kid" RAYMOND (b. 9 Aug 1847).
Please email to: Raymond Howard

Wed, 6 May 1998


Researching the ancestors of Harry Garfield REARICK, born 19 Sept 1881 in Three Rivers, died 1966 son of Frederick REARICK and Effie BARTO. Frederick REARICK, born 1881 in Three Rivers, died 24 Jan 1897. Death record says Frederick REARICK was a widower. Frederick's parents were William REARICK and Margaret UNKNOWN. William REARICK was born in Pa according to the 1860 census. Harry Garfield REARICK married an Olive REARICK from Armstrong County, Pa. The cemetery record from Riverside Cemetery in Three Rivers says Harry was moved to Florida in 1969. Any information on these people would be appreciated. Thank you. Annie.
Please email to Annie Monrad

Wed, 12 Mar 1997


Am looking for information about John and Lydia REBER of Sturgis Village ca 1860. Need death dates and burial place.
Please email to: Patricia Spencer

Sun, 16 Feb 1997


Seeking information on Peter RICE (b: Ohio) married to Catherine LAMBERTSON (b: Pennsylvania)! Peter and Catherine RICE are listed in 1870 Courtland, Kent Co., MI (name listed as RISH) and 1880 Algoma Twp, Kent Co.. MI (name listed as RICE) MI census - where did they go after that? Children Marvin, Mary, Catherine(Cassie), Jacob, Peter, Levi and Emeline(Emmey). Son, Jacob RICE, (my GGGrandfather) b: Michigan, c 1863, wife name of Maggie. They were married in 1887 and he died in 1896; they had four children William RICE, Maggie RICE, Fannie RICE, and Walter(Jack)RICE. Fannie was born in Lake Co., MI, Jack RICE died in Centerville, St. Joseph Co., MI and was married to a Norma FREESE. Please email me at Thanks!
Please email to: Roberta E. Andersen

Thu, 26 Jun 1997


Amos and Lydia (REACHNER) RITTER moved to St. Joseph County, MI about 1860. They had several children: Martin, Barbara, Henry, James, Melinda, William, Charles, Albert and John. The first five kids were born in Union Co. PA. and the remainder in St.Joe Co. MI. My great-grandfather was William. I'm looking for information on the families of William's brothers and sisters.
Please email to: Richard Ritter

Sat, 7 Mar 1998


Charles ROBINSON, born in OH in 1875, son of Sarah BATES, married a Corrall MILLER, had a son Vance ROBINSON, Then married a Bertha ? was living in St Joseph County in 1932. Trying to search him forward.
Please email to: Barbara Majid

Sat, 18 Jan 1997


Hope someone can help me with this family. John A. RUMSEY was born 9 Sep 1814 in Fayette, Seneca Co, NY and he married 16 Mar 1837 in Greece Twp, Monroe Co., NY to Margaret GORDON, dau of John and Margaret GORDON. John A. RUMSEY died in the Civil War in a hospital in Wilmington, N. C., but a grave stone is supposed to have been placed in St. Edward's Catholic Cemetery in Mendon, St. Joseph County where his wife Margaret is buried. She died on 3 Nov 1897 in Three Rivers, MI. John A. RUMSEY had these children:
Mary Jane, b 6 Aug 1838, d 22 Feb 1915 Margaret Ann, b 3 Nov 1841, d 10 Aug 1910, Flowerfield, MI Matilda Dorothy, b 15 May 1843, d 31 May 1917 in Leonidas, MI John Henry RUMSEY, b 7 Aug 1845, d 5 Jul 1924, Newberg, Cass Co. MI married Martha SCHOFIELD. Sarah Agnes, b 25 Feb 1848, d Mar 1915 in St. Joseph Co. MI. Edwin Hugh RUMSEY, b 13 Aug 1850 NY, d 24 Jan 1930 in Three Rivers, MI married 28 Feb 1878 to Mary Jane DAY in Marcellus, Cass Co, MI. Simon Austin RUMSEY, b 18 Jul 1853 NY, d 10 Mar 1926 in Newberg, MI and married 30 Mar 1882 to Amelia WING.
I would like to share with other RUMSEY, DAY, GORDON, searchers.
Please email to: Evelyn A. Elder

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