Three Rivers is proud to pay tribute to the many men and women from Three Rivers who helped win our great victory in WORLD WAR II all over the world, -- in the Army, the Navy, the Marines, the Air Forces and in every branch of our Armed Forces.

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WWII Three Rivers Veterans, A-F

James Dale Abshire
James Ellet Abshire
John W. Abshire
Roe J. Abshire
George Robt. Acker
William D. Adams
Ora R. Adelman, Jr.
George F. Affhalter
James M. Affhalter
Robert Affhalter
Roger Affhalter
Hrahad Agababian
Armondo D. Agosti
Leslie R. Akey
Easton F. Akins
Otis Alber
Guy F. Altimus
Joseph J. Ambert
Max R. Anable
Warren E. Anable
Eugene C. Anderson
Frederick W. Anderson
Gerald T. Anderson
Paul Albert Anderson
Paul C. Anderson
Jack W. Armstrong
Laurence Armstrong
Lester D. Armstrong
Whitford H. Armstrong
Dorothy Kramb Arnold
Lester Ash
Forest Atkinson
George R. Aurand
Ora G. Avery
Otis J. Avery
Frank S. Awe

Donald Bailey
Bob Lee Baker
Calvin J. Baker
Ernest L. Baker
Forrest J. Baker, Jr.
Frederick Baker
Harold H. Baker, Jr.
James L. Baker, Jr.
Kenneth R. Baker
Lester L. Baker
Robert F. Baker
Duane W. Bair
Lee R. Bair
Bruno Balchinas
Lynn Baldwin
Everett F. Barger
Harold W. Barger
Raymond Barkalow
Wilbur S. Barks
William Barks
Freeman Barnes
Thomas Barnes
Paul J. Barnhardt
Clarence Barnum
Clarence Barnum
Henry R. Barnum
Arthur W. Barrow
Lawrence Bartolotti
Richard E. Baum, Jr.
Harvey W. Beaumont
Daryl Beck
Wm. Beemer
Gordon E. Behrents
Grace M. Behrents
Paul W. Behrents
James Berger
Newell J. Berger, Jr.
Leo D. Bergfeld
Angelo Bessone
Frank Bessone
Ivan Bingaman
Oren Bingaman
Clifford Birkhold
Ralph O. Birkhold
Robert Birkhold
Millard C. Bivvins
Clarence M. Black, Jr.
Elmer Black
Argie L. Blanchard
Donald E. Blank
James A. Blentlinger
Clarence Blodgett
Dale C. Blood
John H. Blood
Riley Blood
Robert Blood
Stanley I. Bloom
Donald Blum
Earl Raymond Blum
Paul D. Blum
Harold Avery Bodley
Allister Boeschenstein
Edward Boeschenstein
John F. Boeschenstein
Frank P. Boggio
James T. Boggio
J. Boggio
Peter J. Boggio
Richard V. Boles
Jerold E. Bonebright
Elgin P. Bothwell
Carl A. Bottger, Jr.
James Bowen
Laurence Bowen
William Bowen
Willard R. Bowers
Raymond S. Bowersox, Jr.
Warren L. Bowlby
Joe Brackett
Golee Bragg
Carl F. Brauer
Sidney K. Bricker
Howard S. Brinkman
Roy L. Brinneman
Andrew Broker
Jack W. Broker
Jeanne Broker
Glenn Brooks
Clyde H. Brooks
Reginald Brooks
Winifred Brooks
Arthur J. Brown
Claude F. Brown
Herbert A. Brown
Carl H. Brown, Jr.
Eugene H. Brown
Kenneth D. Brown
Richard D. Brown
Buddy L. Brunner
Delisle Brunner
Leroy Brunner
Cyril C. Buck, Jr.
Lester F. Buck
Elwin L. Bucknell
Leonard J. Bucknell
Leonard Bullard
Robert C. Bullock
Donald F. Burkett
James G. Burkett
Robert F. Burrow
Gerald Buscher
Rolland W. Buscher
William E. Buscher
Carl W. Butler
Merritt F. Butler
Wendall D. Butler
Laurence Byers
William O. Byers

Robert E. Caldwell
Raymond Califf
Benjamin C. Campbell
John R. Canning
Ernest Capron
James R. Carney
Clyde O. Carpenter
Hubert K. Carpenter
Lester Carpenter
Loren Carpenter
Morris Carpenter
Richard A. Carpenter
William M. Carr
John D. Carroll
Dominic Carto
Peter D. Carto
Charles Casselman
Howard Cekander
Jacob Cekander
Lawrence Cekander
Louis Cekander

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S. A. Celmer
John E. Chamberlain
Chas. A. Chambers, Jr.
Lloyd E. Chambers
Lewis W. Chapman
Max L. Chapman
Vern F. Chapman
Elmer Chenoweth
Chester Chisholm
Freeland Christner
John H. Claridge
Betty Clayton
Edward Clayton
Loring W. Clipfell
Marion F. Clipfell
James C. Clunk
Sanford O. Clymer
Stuart W. Cochran
Warren L. Cochran, Jr.
George L. Cole
Paul Colon
Howard Comadoll
Carl R. Coney
Donald Coney
Richard H. Conrad
Allen Cook
Forrest Cook
Harold Cook
Maxwell Cook
Leonard Cook
Leroy Cook
Robert C. Cook
Robert E. Cook
Delbert D. Cooley
James L. Coombs
George R. Cooper
Lester Cowan
Miles A. Cowles
Charles Craw
Thomas Craw
Lee Crego
Richard S. Crego
Stanley Cripps
Darrell Crose
Dayton Crose
Sybert N. Crose
Byron C. Cross
Guy J. Cross
Harold Cross
John F. Cross, Jr.
leland R. Cross
Lyford Cross
Robert D. Cross
Willard Cross
Barbara Crossman
John J. Cunkle
Clifford L. Curtis
James R. Curtis
Jewell Curtis

Emory Dailey
Jack H. Dailey
Chester DalPonte
Elain DalPonte
Frank DalPonte
John DalPonte
Peter DalPonte
Peter P. Data
Charles R. Daugherty
Robert F. Daugherty
Eugene E. Davis
Forrest E. Davis
Francis Davis
Merritt S. Davis
Robert J. Davis
Roy E. Davis
Russell E. Davis
Arthur D. Dawson
Star H. Dayton
William A. Deaner, Jr.
Edward Decknik
Bernard Dehn
Douglas Dehn
Ruth Dehn
Charles Dell
Cecil DeLong
Franklin E. DeLong
John Dale DeLong
Gerald J. DeLoof
W. T. Delihant
Donald M. Dentler
Lowell C. Dentler
Teddy Dentler
William Dentler
Dale L. Detwiler
Ernest Detwiler
Eugene Dexter
Vern E. Dexter
Paul DiPate
John F. Dillon
Charles O. Dimmick
James A. Dimmick
Stephanie Dobrowolski
Chester W. Dobrowolski
Wesley Debrowolsksi
Eldon R. Dock
Glen E. Dock
Roy L. Dock
Donald Dodd
William M. Dodd
Dr. F. D. Dodrill
Ralph F. Doremus, Jr.
Hubert E. Dougherty
Stuart L. Dougherty
Earl W. Draime
Harry E. Draime
Harold Driesbach
Robert E. Drews
Douglas Drumm
James E. Drumm
Marie Drumm
Richard Drumm
Harmon Dudd
John Charles Duffek
Roy B. Dunithan
Adam Duszynski
Felix Duszynski, Jr.

Bert Earl
George N. Earnest
William Earnest
Donald R. East
James R. East
Marion Eastwood
John F. Eberhard
Charles H. Edson
Clifford L. Eldridge
Warren Eldridge, Jr.
Delton Ely
Lois Irene Ely
Allen Elsinga
Robert C. Elsinga
Dale Ernest, Jr.
Robert R. Ernest
John H. Estes
Clifford W. Evans
Donald K. Evans
Jess C. Evans, Jr.
Paul W. Evans
Robert Evans
Rodney Everhart

Darrell A. Farrer
Chester Farrinton
George R. Farrington
Robert D. Feiser
Robert E. Fellows
W. A. Fenstermacher
W. C. Ferrell, Jr.
William Fick
Milton J. Fitch
Raymond Fitch, Jr.
Amos L. Force
Delbert W. Ford
Allen L. Foreman
Clement J. Fornaresio
Joseph T. Fornaresio
Leonard L. Forreider
Charles Fosdick
A. F. Foster
Harold E. Foster
Noel E. Foster, Jr.
Ellis Franklin
Irving C. Franklin
Paul Franklin
Arthur S. Freese
Jean Freese
Richard Freese
Paul French
Wm. J. French
Chas. F. Fricke
Earl Friend, Jr.
Harley Friend
Arthur M. Frisk
Lawrence R. Frisk
Harold Fry
Otis F. Frey
Dale A. Fuelling
Dale M. Fuller
Donald D. Fuller
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Special 'Thanks' to these two ladies for their wonderful efforts in getting this genealogical data online:
Transcribed by:
Carole L. Carr / Proofed and edited by Josephine R. Garzelloni

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