Three Rivers is proud to pay tribute to the many men and women from Three Rivers who helped win our great victory in WORLD WAR II all over the world, -- in the Army, the Navy, the Marines, the Air Forces and in every branch of our Armed Forces.

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WWII Three Rivers Veterans, G-L

Peter C. Galinet, Sr.
Peter J. Galinet, Jr.
William G. Galinet
Robert Galleher
Barbara Galovan
Edward A. Garn
Douglas Garrison
Hugh Garrison

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Norman Garrison
Russell D. Gary
Arden G. Gearhart
Dale E. Gearhart
Earl J. Gearhart
Olin Gearhart
Floyd E. Geark
Harold J. Geark
Franklin W. Geiger
Rolland B. Gerard
Joseph D. Gherna, Jr.
Alfred P. Giacobone
Charles Giacobone
Robert C. Gibbs
Arthur L. Gibson
Robert J. Bieber
Albert C. Giermann
Gerald Gilbert
Harold Gilbert
Leon C. Gilbert
Ray C. Gilbert
Clark D. Gilchrist
Donald K. Gilchrist
Gene Gilchrist
George A. Gilchrist
Paul M. Gilchrist
Merle Godber
Harry L. Godshaek
Marlon Godshaek
Charles G. Goff
Dorset Goff
Fred J. Gombsi
Wayne C. Gottschall
Frank J. Granzotto
John M. Gray
James J. Green
Jerry T. Green
Norbert L. Green
Boyd E. Graham
Raymond Gregory
Robert H. Gregory
Samuel J. Gregory
Marlin T. Griffin
Steve Griggs
Karl E. Grose
Arno F. Grunert
Fred J. Grunert
William G. Guenther
Lloyd Guthrie

Russell Hass
Arthur H. Hack
Chas. J. Hackenberg 
Donald D. Hackenberg
Leon W. Hackenberg
Owen Hackenberg
Roy L. Hackenberg
Walter Hackenberg
Paul P. Hackler
Bernard Hagen
Chas. S. Hagenbuch, Jr.
James P. Hagenbuch
John Hagenbuch, Jr.
Richard K. Hagenbuch
Warren M. Hagenbuch
William P. Hagenbuch
Howard Hagerman, Jr.
Clarence Haldy
Edmund Haldy
Henry C. Hall
Daniel Halverson
Philip E. Halverson
William R. Hamlton
Carl F. Hammond
Paul E. Hammond
Charles W. Haney
Robert E. Hanneman
Ralph B. Hansmeier
Lyle W. Hargrave
Arthur S. Harmon
George Hartman
Wm. J. Hartman, Jr.
Robert W. Hasbrouck
Allen L. Hay
Howard E. Hay
Richard Hay
Robert Hay
Robert B. Hayden
Glenn A. Haye
Delton W. Heckelman
Jack L. Heckelman
Joseph L. Heivilin
Markwell Helgeson
James Helmsbrecht
Chas. W. Henke
Raymond Henkey
Robert F. Herkomer
Wilson D. Hesher
Dwight D. Heslet
Raymond Heslet
John H. Hass
Gerald H. Hicks
Harry Hicks, Jr.
Melvin Hicks
Paul A. Hicks
Eugene E. Hilliard
Robert W. Hill
Robert L. Hitesman
Neal Hoeksma
James K. Hoeksma
Jarold H. Hoelting
Weldon R. Hodges
Albert E. Holland
Clare E. Holland
Jack T. Holland
Dr. A. G. Holm
Francis E. Holm
Laverne Horn
Robert A. Harrell
Bruce Horst
Douglas Horst
Doris Grunert Hosted
Elmer Hotovy
Virginia Houldsworth
Donald Houghtaling
George Houghtaling
Robert E. Houghtaling
Vance E. Houghtaling
Merle G. Houseman
Sherman L. Houts
Rosa Hovarter
LaFern Howard
Robert Howard
Curtis G. Hudson
Harold E. Hudson
Raymond Huffstetter
Harold W. Hughes
Robert Hughes
Jack Hughey
Richard W. Hughey
Milford E. Hyde

Edward Ingersoll
Ned W. Ingersoll
Wayland D. Ingersoll
Donald E. Ireland
Leroy A. Ireland
Edlen E. Irwin
James H. Irwin

Arthur D. Jackson
George Jackson, Jr.
Warren Jackson
F. T. Jacobs
Theodore Jacobs
Vaurice T. Jacobs
Marvin Jarratt
Marielouise Jensen
George H. Johnson
Justus Johnson
Richard Johnson
Roy F. Johnson
Walter C. Johnson
Ray E. Jones
William S. Jones
Eugene Jonker
Leonard J. Joyce

Donald Kaiser
Gerald Kaiser
Wendall C. Kaiser
Estella Kamba
Floyd A. Karsen
Elmo F. Kauffman
Weldon D. Kauffman
Harold E. Kauszler
Jack Kauszler
Ray H. Kauszler
John H. Kelly, Jr.
John S. Kelly
Robert Kemmerling
Jack V. Kennedy
Dale Kent
Hubert Kent
Herbert R. King
James P. Kingsley
Willard W. Kipker
Howard R. Kizer
A. C. Klienhuizen
Arden Kline
Chas. G. Kline
James D. Kline
Jesse A. Kline
Paul K. Kline
Paul M. Kline
Warren Kline

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Leo T. Knachel
Donald A. Knapp
Edwin S. Knapp
Wesley L. Knapp
Edgar F. Koch
Gregory E. Koch
Donald W. Koebernick
Charles Kramb
Steven Kratovil
Chas. F. Krepel, Jr.
Ronald J. Krueger
William M. Krueger
George Krull
Harold Krull
L. G. Krull
Raymond Krull, Jr.
Robert E. Krull
Robert L. Krull

Paul K. LeBaron
Richard Lakey
Howard Lambertson
Paul Lampe 
Francis W. Lance, Jr.
Richard H. Lane
Marlon N. Lang
Claude W. Lantz
Jean Lantz
Victor R. Larrance
Tracy Lasco
Clarence H. Lane
Philip U. Law
Howard L. Lennon
Thomas J. Lennon
Frank L. Lepley
Beatrice M. Lewis
Burt A. Lewis, Jr.
Darrell G. Lewis
Harry R. Lewis
Robert W. Lewis
Luster A. Liby
Harold B. Lein
David Lilly
Thomas E. Lines
Edward B. Linsley
Alva L. Linsner
Frederick Linsner
James Lloyd
Eugene Lockard
Dale H. Loeffler
Harry L. Long
Robert E. Long
Cecil Longacre
Roscoe Longacre
Ernest E. Lovejoy
Frank L. Lovejoy
Robert D. Lovejoy
Richard F. Lowe
Willard G. Lucas
Warren Luck
Harry R. Luck
Robert J. Lunger
Howard J. Lunsford
Oscar D. Luther
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Special 'Thanks' to these two ladies for their wonderful efforts in getting this genealogical data online:
Transcribed by:
Carole L. Carr / Proofed and edited by Josephine R. Garzelloni

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