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Smith and Mary (Moette) Jones, deceased, are the parents of our subject, who was born in Dutchess county, N.Y., Jan. 22, 1846. He was married Oct. 6, 1867, in Centerville, Mich., to Harriet Morrison, who was born in Schenectady county, N.Y., June 28, 1843; her parents, no longer living, are Peter and Angeline (Shelley) Morrison. Three children have been born to them, May F., Lewis E. and Paul W. Comrade Jones was engaged in farming and was but 15 years old when he enlisted Aug. 20, 1861, as a private in Co. C, 6th Mich. V. I. May, 1863, he was wounded by a gunshot in right wrist and left forearm at Pt. Hudson; he was taken to hospital at Baton Rouge, and later to New Orleans and thence to New York City, receiving treatment for wound ten months. October, 1863, he was furloughed from hospital at New Orleans for thirty days. He was honorably discharged Nov. 15, 1863, and re-enlisted same day in Co. A, 1st U.S.L.A. He took active part in the Peninsular Campaign, Ft. St. Phillips, Ft. Jackson and Pt. Hudson. He was honorably discharged Feb. 15, 1864 at New York City. His father and a brother Charles served in 11th Mich. V.I. His wife had four cousins in service; his paternal grandfather served in the Revolutionary war. Comrade Jones belongs to David Oaks Post, No. 135, and his postoffice address is Three Rivers, Mich.

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A native of New York state, was born March 1, 1838, and was a son of Henry Karn, living, and Eliza (Mills), deceased. He was married May 21, 1866, in New York state to Mary Smith, who was born there May 15, 1847. She was a daughter of Charles and Christena (Scott) Smith, both of whom are still spared. Five children have graced this union, Charles, Peter, William, Lana and George. Comrade Karn was engaged in farming and was 22 years of age when he decided to fight for his country. He was enrolled Feb. 20, 1864, as a private in Co. C, 10th N.Y. Cav. He was thrown from his horse at Weldon R.R., sustaining an internal injury. He was treated in hospital at Harrison Landing for same two weeks; he was detailed at City Point and Harrison Lanidng to guard duty, and spent three weeks in this way. He fought at Harrison's Landing, Petersburg and Richmond, receiving an honorable discharge Jan. 19, 1865, at Syracuse, N.Y. His brother, William, died in service of yellow fever. Comrade Karn is a member of Hackett Post: he is a farmer by occupation and his address is Burr Oak, Mich.

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Whose parents, Peter and Elizabeth (Harsell) Kemmerling, have gone to their reward, was born in Wayne county, Ohio, April 20, 1836. His wife's maiden name was Catherine Snook, and she was a daughter of William and Rebecca (Peters) Snook, deceased. They were married May 20, 1857, at Schoolcraft, Mich., the town of her birth, which occurred Oct. 8, 1840. The offspring of this union is sixteen children, born in the order named: William, Margaret A., John A., dec., Jason, Isaad, dec., Mary E., Lura, Edna E., Edward F., Vea A., George A., Clara D., Maud C., Agnes, dec. and Zoa J. Comrade Kemmerling is an old soldier who served his country faithfully and well. He was 28 years of age and had been engaged in farming when he was enrolled from Colon, Mich., Dec. 30, 1863, as a private in Co. A, 11th Mich. V.I. Aug. 24, 1864, he was wounded in head at Atlanta and was treated in hospital at Chattanooga four months for same. December, 1864, he was furloughed for thirty days with extension, and returned to Chattanooga at end of time and was transferred to Co. F. In 1865 he was detailed at Chattanooga as teamster and spent two months in this way. Not until the war ended did he return to his home, taking part in the battles of Buzzard Roost, Peach Tree Creek, Snake Gap, Marietta, Louisa C.H., Atlanta and several others. He was honorably discharged Sep. 28, 1865, at Jackson, Mich. He had two brothers in service, Edward and John. Comrade Kemmerling is a member of Little Post; he is a farmer near Fairfax, Mich., which is his address.

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A native of Germany, was born Nov. 21, 1829, and was a son of Geo. and Elizabeth (Wallrabensteine) Kramb, deceased. He was married first January, 1856, in Fremont, Ohio, to Catherine Stautzenberger, who was also a native of Germany, born in 1836, and died in 1858. One child was born to them, Kate A. He was married secondly May, 1862, at Three Rivers, Mich., to Wilhelmina Heckleman, who was born December, 1843. Eleven children have been born to them, Elizabeth, Rosalena, Charley, Fred, Ella, Emma, Franklin, Clarence, Lewis, Vanie and Wilbur. His wife's parents were George J. Heckleman, dec., and Phoeba (Mabus), still living. Comrade Kramb was one of the brave soldier boys to respond to the president's call for troops. He was 34 years of age and had been engaged in farming when he was enrolled from Three Rivers, Mich., August, 1864, as a private in Co. E, 13th Mich. V.I. April, 1865, he was wounded at Bentonville, N.C., slightly in the right hip, and was treated in camp for same. He took part in the battles of Savannah, Averysboro, Bentonville and several skirmishes, and was honorably discharged June, 1865, at Washington D.C. His present wife's father served in 25th Mich. V.I. Comrade Kramb is a member of E.M. Prutzman Post, in which he has been J.V.C., and his wife belongs to W.R.C.; his occupation is that of a farmer and his address is Three Rivers, Mich.

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Was born in Kalamazoo Co., Mich., Jan. 21, 1842, of parents Abraham and Maria (Krader) Lamberson, deceased. He was married March 28, 1865, to Elizabeth Dentler, who was born July, 1844; her father, Frederick Dentler, is still living, but her mother, Sarah Dentler, is deceased. One child was born to them, T.J. When the war broke out, like thousands of other boys, he shouldered a musket; he was 20 years old when he was enrolled Aug. 20, 1861, as a private in Co. C, 6th Mich. H.A. In August, 1863, he was confined in Regtl. hospital one year for general debility. He took active part in the battles of Baton Rouge, Siege of Pt. Hudson and numerous minor engagements and skirmishes. His term of service having expired he was honorably discharged Aug. 22, 1864, at Kalamazoo, Mich. Comrade Lamberson is a member of Little Post, in which he holds the office of S.V.C.; he has been township treasurer one year; he is by occupation a miller and his address is Colon, Mich.

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