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The information below is from a book entitled, "Presidents, Soldiers, Statesmen", that lists short biographies of soldiers from St. Joseph County, MI. The official name of the book is: "PRESIDENTS, SOLDIERS, STATESMEN" GIVING The Lives of the Presidents, with Portraits and Autographs, Sketches of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, with Portraits and Autographs, Sketches of Cabinet Officers and other Statesmen, Tables of the Popular and Electoral Votes, 1788-1888 AND A Full Authentic and Profusely Illustrated History of the War of the Rebellion, including the Story of the Southern Prison Pens, Chronological Table of the Battles of the War, Sketches of the Officers and of the Rank and File that Fought and Won the Battles of the War. H.H. Hardesty, Publisher, New York, Toledo And Chicago, 1898, Copyright, 1895 by H.H. Hardesty

This body of work was generously submitted by LeAnn Karn Clark . If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact LeAnn through her email link above.

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Cyrus ALLEN / James P. ALLEN / James H. ARMSTRONG / James AVERY / Samuel BAIRD / LaFayetteBARTON / Marshall BELLINGER / William M. BOUGHTON / Charles G. BRIGGS / John BRUMEY / John R. BYRD / Lyman CARPENTER / John CARVER / William G. CHAMBERLAIN / William A. CHESNUT / George W. DAVIS / George DAVIS / George DARLISON / Augustus E. DICKINSON / Thomas A. EBERHARD / William D. EDDY / Joseph P. FARRAND / Milo FREEMAN / Lewis FRY / Doc GRAY / Leonard C. GREEN / Milton GREENWOOD / Anthony B. GRIFFIN / Noah D. HAGERMAN / James L. HAINES / John W. HALL / John HARVEY / Isaac H. HIMES / Andrew HOARD / Andrew HOGABOOM / George B. HOSS / Dexter HUNT / Carter H. JAMES / Tilman JARRETT / Albert A. JONES / Jacob KARN / James KEMMERLING / Henry KRAMB / Conrad A. LAMBERSON / Ansel LAMPORT / Edward P. LEHR / Henry M. LILLY / Isaac C. LOOMIS / John L. LYTLE / Calvin O. MARVIN / Edward MARVIN / Marshall MARVIN / Timothy MATTHEWS / Hiram MUNGER / Levi PALAMATIER / Henry A. PETERS / Elisha R. PHILO / Joseph E. PULMAN / Ransom S. PUTNAM / William B. RANDALL / William t. RENNER / George R. ROSENBROOK / Alfred SARGENT / George SHIMP / Charles SHOWMAKER / David SHOOK / Jonathan SHOOK / Alonzo SMITH / Emanuel SMITH / Wallace SMITH / < James M. SMITLEY / Benjamin STILL / Herman SWANK / John TAGGART / John L. THOMAS / William THOMAS / Irvin TISDEL / Daniel TOLLS / William H. TRUMBLE / William TUNGATE / Peter VANDERHOOF / Jacob B. Van NUYS / George VORSE / Henry N. WARREN / Edwin P. WELLESLY / Charles N. WHEELER / Peter WHITE / Abraham H. WYANT / Roderick YOUNG

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