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A native of Pennsylvania, was born in Erie March 8, 1828, and was a son of Hiram and Alta (Gibbs) Lamport, deceased. He was happily married Nov. 21, 1852, in Leonidas, Mich., to Lucinda Gilbert, who was born in Ohio April 16, 1834; her parents, long since deceased, were Joseph and Anna (Waite) Gilbert. The children of this union, Norton E., Fremont and Joseph, are all deceased. Comrade Lamport gave his young manhood to his country's needs and joined the standard Aug. 11, 1862, at Colon, Mich., in co. D, 25th Mich. V.I., 1st Brig., 2d Div., 23d A.C. In 1863, he was confined in hospital at Knoxville, Tenn., eleven weeks with rheumatism and erysipelas. September, 1864, he was furloughed for thirty days and reported for duty at end of same. In 1862 he was detailed as teamster for two years in Kentucky. He also took part in the battles of Tibbs Bend, Loudoun, Kinston, Mossy Creek, Strawberry Plains, Rocky face Ridge, Resacca, Knoxville and Dalton. He was honorably discharged Oct. 24, 1864, at Camp Dennison, O. His brother Francis was in the late service, as were three cousins of his wife, Darius, Cyrus, who was killed, and Austin Gilbert. Comrade Lamport has been school director nine years, notary public four years; he belongs to Liddle Post, No. 131; he is a farmer by occupation and his address is Colon, Mich.***

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Son of John (and) Anna (Peters) Lehr, deceased, was born in Union county, Pa., May 20, 1840. He was married Oct. 10, 1865, Bellevue, O., to Amelia M. Steininger, who was born in Mifflin county, Pa., Aug., 1848. She was daughter of William and Lydia Steininger, deceased. Three children were the issue of this marriage, Ida, Cora and Frank. Comrade Lehr was 21 years of age and had been employed as a carpenter when the war broke out. He cast his lot as a soldier with Co. D., 3d O. Cav., 2d Brig., 2d Div., C.C. In the spring of 1862 he was thrown from his horse receiving a severe injury for which he was treated at Camp Dennison six weeks. March, 1865, while carrying a bag of grain on his horse, he collided with another comrade on horseback, dislocating his kneecap; he was treated for this injury in camp; he was also treated in camp in the spring of 1864 for fever. He was detailed as Ord. near Iuka for six months; another time he was detailed as dispach bearer a short time. His list of active hostilities is Lawrenceburg, Shiloh, Corinth, Iuka, Big Shanty, Stone Mt., Franklin, Murfreesboro, Tallahoma, Stevenson, Kinston, Chickamauga, Farmington, Resacca, Lovejoy Station, Jonesboro, Peach Tree Creek, and Kenesaw Mt. He was honorably discharged Aug. 4, 1865, at Edgefield, Tenn. His brother Aaron, and his wife's brother William, were in service. Comrade Lehr belongs to David Oaks Post, in which he is J.V.C., having held all the other offices but Chap; his wife is Con. of W.R.C., he is a collector; he has been constable eighteen years and deputy sheriff for eight years, and he resides in Centerville, Mich.

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Was born in Summit county, Ohio, Oct. 18, 1844, and was a son of Samuel and Mary (Kauffman) Lilly, deceased. He was married Jan. 5, 1872, in this county, to Nancy Fuller, who was born in Lenawee county, Mich., April 9, 1851; her parents, both deceased, were Jarvis Fuller and Sally (Knight). Two children have been born to them, Frankie and Bertha J. Comrade Lilly served in the war of the Rebellion with distinction and honor. He was enrolled at the age of 19 years as a private in Co. A, 3d Mich. Cav., Feb. 12, 1864. He was confined in hospital March 25, 1864, at St. Louis, Mo., three months with measles. With his regiment he faced the enemy at the battles of Austinvile, Ark., Mobile, Ala., and considerable scouting, skirmishing, guard and garrison duty in Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas. He was honorably discharged February, 1866, at San Antonio, Texas. He had to (2) brothers in service. Wilson, who was confined in Libby prison, and Austin; his wife also had two brothers in service, Farnk and Benjamin, the latter was confined in Libby prison and died in service. Comrade Lilly is Adjt. Sergt. of Hackett Post, No. 185; his occupation is that of a farmer and his address is Bronson, Mich.

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Was born in Watertown, N.Y., May 3, 1842, and was a son of Alson Loomis, still living, aged 79 years, and Mary Ann Clauson, deceased. He was married first May, 1877, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to Carrie Bauschamp, who passed away in April, 1881. Two children were born to them, Lillie and Alson, both deceased. He was married secondly May, 1886, to Catherine Neidhardt, who was born June, 1862. Comrade Loomis served in Co. I, 15th Ill. V.I., 3d Brig., 4th Div., 15th A.C. He was enrolled from Freeport, Ill., May 15, 1861. In the summer of 1862 he was injured in back and was cared for in camp a short time. Prior to this, in August, 1861, he was confined in hospital at Rolla, Mo., three months, suffering with typhoid fever. In the summer of 1862 he was placed on secret service at Memphis for four weeks. He fought at Shiloh, Hatcher's Run, Iuka, Vicksburg and several others, receiving an honorable discharge April, 1864, at Springfield, Ill. Comrade Loomis has been alderman one term; he is a member of E.M. Prutzman post, No. 72; he is unable to perform manual labor and his address is Three Rivers, Mich.

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A native of Pennsylvania, was born April 5, 1835, and was a son of Henry and Barbara (Mick) Lytle, deceased. Lizzie Myers became his wife March 12, 1870, in Branch county, Mich. She was a native of Ohio, where she was born May 14, 1846; her father, Michael Myers, is still living, but her mother, whose maiden name was Elizabeth Phillips, is deceased. When the war broke out, he donned the blue and entered the service of his coutry; he was 18 years of age when he entered the ranks at Hollidaysburg, Pa., March 18, 1864, as a private in Co. C, 13th Pa. V.C. May 3, 1864, he was transferred to 9th A.C. In the fall of 1864 he was detailed to guard cattle at City Point, Va., and was not released from duty for three months. Among the battles in which he took a prominent part may be mentioned, Spottsylvania, Bottom Bridge, Cold Harbor, South Cold Harbor, Malvern Hill, Travillian Station, Hawes Shop, Beaver Dam Station, Jerusalem Plank Roads, Wyatts Station, Boydtown Plank Road, Hatcher's Run, Gravelly Run and Raleigh. He was honorably discharged July 27, 1865, at Philadelphia, Pa. He had two brothers in service, Peter and Reuben, and his wife's uncle, George Myers, was in service. Comrade Lytle is O.G. of H.M. Liddle Post, No. 131; he is a farmer by occupation and his address is Colon, Mich.

*Note: I realize that in the entry above one date or the other must be wrong --either he was born in 1835 or he joined the army at age 18 in 1864. I have copied the biography as it was printed in the book.

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***A note from a descendant. Anson Thomas Gilbert, who fought with the Mich. 11th, was named "Austin" in this biography. There was no Austin listed in the family Bible, only Anson. I don't know if this was an error on the part on the original publisher, but we'd like to set the record straight. Thanks much. Ginny (Gilbert) Day.

A very special "Thank you" to LeAnn K. Clark for her generous contribution of this material

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