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A native of Canada, was born March 23, 1821, and was a son of Calvin and Clarissa (Bates) Marvin, no longer living. He was happily married July 7, 1852, to Mary Dolan, who was a native of Ireland, born May 26, 1820. She was a daughter of William and Mary (Raph) Dolan, long ago numbered with the dead. Four children constitute this family, Edgerton R., Erigus, Willelmine and Orian, dec. When the war broke out, our subject was 42 years of agge and was engaged in farming. He responded to the president's call for brave boys to don the blue in defense of the Stars and Stripes and was enrolled as a private in Co. A, 15th Mich. V.I. In the fall of 1862 he was wounded at the battle of Grand Junction and was treated in hospital at Detroit, Mich., ten months. In 1864 he was furloughed for thirty days and returned to Detroit at end of time.He took active part in the battles of Big Black River, Pearl River, Miss., and several skirmishes. He was honorably discharged June 9, 1865, at Detroit, Mich. Comrade Marvin belongs to Bennett Post; he is living in retirement and his address is Findley, Mich.

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was born in Colon, St. Joseph Co., Mich., Feb. 14, 1841, of parents Anson and Lucinda (Atherton) Marvin, deceased. The lady who became his wife Oct. 13, 1864, in Sturgis, Mich., was previous to that event Anna Shermerhorn. She was born January, 1845, in Nottaway, Mich., of parents William and Margaret Shermerhorn, long ago deceased. Four children constitute this family, Kate, dec., Lawrence, Jacob E. and Margaret. During the Civil War, the patriotism of our subject was shown in all loyal directions. He was 20 years old and had been engaged in farming when he was enrolled April 19, 1861, at Burr Oak, Mich., as a private in Co. G, 1st Mich. V.I. June, 1861, he was confined in hospitals at Alexandria and Washington one month suffering with measles. He took part in all the engagements of his command and was honorably discharged at Detroit, Mich., July, 1861. His paternal grandfather served in the war of 1812, and his maternal great-grandfather was a Revolutionary soldier. Comrade Marvin has been constable; his occupation is that of a farmer, and his postoffice address is Nottawa, Mich.

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Was born in Colon, Mich., June 7, 1843, and was a son of Anson and Lucinda (Achison) Marvin, deceased. He was wedded Feb. 14, 1869, in this county to Ruby L. Carpenter, who was born in New York state June 9, 1845. Her parents, long ago deceased, were David and Almira (Bronson) Carpenter. The issue of this marriage is as follows: Lucinda, Lucelia, Ella, dec., William and Dora O. Comrade Marvin was engaged in farming and was 19 years of age when the war began. He enlisted Aug. 12, 1862, at Colon, Mich., as a private in Co. D, 19th Mich. V.I., and served with distinction and honor. March 25, 1863, he was captured at Brentwood, Tenn., and was held in Libby prison seventeen days when he was exchanged. He was honorably discharged Aug. 1, 1865, at Davids Island, N.Y., having taken part in the struggles of Thompson Station, Brentwood, Stone River, Rocky Face Ridge, Tunnel Hill, Resacca, Cassville, Dallas, New Hope Church, Altoona, Kenesaw Mt., Marietta, Nickajack Creek, Peach Tree Creek, Siege of Atlanta, Savannah and Bentonville. He was wounded at Resacca April 15, 1864, and a second time near Raliegh, N.C., April 12, 1865. His brothers, Edward and Dudley, were in service, the latter died in service at Murfreesboro; his wife's brother William also served. Comrade Marvin has been constable and councilman; he is adjt. of Bennett Post; he is living in retirement and his address is Burr Oak, Mich.

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Was born Jan. 31, 1846, of parents, John and Julia (Mills) Matthews, deceased. He was married in Burr Oak, Mich., Oct. 10, 1870, to Rebecca Fry, who was born in Lockport, N.Y., June 1, 1850. She was a daughter of David and Betsy Fry, long ago numbered with the dead. Four children were the issue of this union, David J., Carl, Delbert and Franklin. Comrade Matthews responded to his country's call for help and was enrolled Nov. 2, 1861, at the age of 17 years, as a private in Co. H, 53d Ill. V.I., which did duty in 1st Brig., 4th Div., 17th A.C. July 22, 1863, he was wounded at Peach Tree Creek and was taken to hospital for two months. Sept. 23, 1863, he was furloughed for sixty days; this was extended thirty days and he reported for duty at end of time. In the fall of 1863 he was honorably discharged at Jackson, Miss., and re-enlisted in Co. H, 53d Ill. V.I. He took part in several of the most decisive battles of the war, Shiloh, Corinth, Bolivar Heights, Iuka, Memphis, Pittsburg, Jackson, Atlanta and several others. He was honorably discharged October, 1865, at Louisville, Ky. Comrade Matthews is a member of Bennett Post, No. 71, in which he holds the office of S.V.C.; he is a farmer by occupation and his address is Burr Oak, Mich.

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A son of Solomon V. and Amanda (Brotherton) Munger, deceased, was born in Wyoming county, N.Y., Feb. 20, 1846. Addie Marvin became his companion on life's journey Sept. 2, 1866, in Lacy, Mich. She was born in Onondaga county, N.Y., August, 1844, a daughter of George and Lucesta (Cane) Marvin, deceased. Three children constitute this family, Sylvester, George and Byron. Comrade Munger worked till Feb. 8, 1864, on his farm, when, being a loyal and ardent supporter of the Union cause, he enlisted from Battle Creek, Mich., at the age of 18 years. He was enrolled as a private soldier in Co. I, 2d Merrill's Light Horse Cav. In August, 1864, he was confined in hospital at Hunterville, Ark., two months, suffering with dropsy; he was furloughed for 30 Aug. 10, 1865, returning to Nashville, at end of time. July 9, 1864, he was detailed at Little Rock to care for his father fourteen days. In the winter of 1864-5 he was detailed to care for Cav. horses. He took part in the battles of Selena River, Praire du Chein, Little River and several skirmishes. He was honorably discharged Sept. 20, 1865, at Nashville, Tenn. His father served in a Mich. Regt. Comrade Munger is honored with the office of Q.M. of Cox Post, No. 122; he has been J.P. for three years and has filled the office with credit to himself; his occupation is that of a farmer and his address is Lacy, Mich.

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Was born in Pennsylvania April 7, 1832, and was a son of Thomas and Martha (Davenport) Palamatier, deceased. Oct. 2, 1860, in Johnstown, Mich., he was married to Sarah Bowman, and their hearthstone has been graced with four children, Mary, dec., Eliza, dec., Charles and Eva. His wife was born in Johnston, Mich., Aug 24, 1840, of parents, Henry and Mary (Culver) Bowman, deceased. In Grand Rapids, Mich., Aug. 23, 1864, he enlisted in Co. G, 1st Mich. Eng. & Mech., and served in the ranks of Uncle Sam until the close of that memorable conflict. He was in but one regular battle, Bentonville, as his services consisted of such as pertained to an Eng. Corps. He was honorably discharged June 23, 1865, at Jackson, Mich. He had four brothers in the late war, Francis, William, Charles and Almiron, three of whom died in service; his wife's brother Edwin was a member of a Mich. Regt., and died in hospital of typhoid fever. Comrade Palamatier has been road commissioner five years; he is successfully engaged in farming and his postoffice address is Banfield, Mich.

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Was born in Union county, Pa., Dec. 18, 1833, and was a son of Henry and Elizabeth (Preston) Peters, no longer living. The lady whom he chose for a helpmate through life was Elizabeth Wagner, the nuptial knot being tied Dec. 20, 1865, in Sherwood, Mich. She was born Oct. 2, 1847, a daughter of Daniel and Susanna (Breninger) Wagner, deceased. They have had seven children, Della, Anna B., Clara, Daniel, dec., Eddie, dec., John, dec., and Ned, dec. At the age of 28 years, like many other boys of this country, he responded to the president's call for troops to put down the Rebellion. He was enrolled Jan. 4, 1864, as a private in Co. D, 1st Mich. Art. In 1864-5 he was detailed at Murfreesboro to special duty in hospital for one month. He was granted his honorable discharge Aug. 3, 1865, at Jackson, Mich., having been an active participant in the battles of Nashville, Murfreesboro and Atlanta. His brother John and his wife's brother Edmund served in 52d Ohio. Comrade Peters has been drain commissioner two years and school moderator two years; he belongs to Liddle Post, No. 131; he is a farmer and his postoffice address is Colon, Mich.

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Was born Oct. 31, 1841, in Wayne county, N.Y., of parents, William and Hanna (Booth) Philo, the former deceased, the latter still living. He was married first in the fall of 1865, in Coldwater, Mich., to Lucy Hadley, who was a native of Ohio, born in 1831. Her parents, both deceased, were Zeri and Maria (Cary) Hadley. Three children have been born to them, John R., Burt and Edward M. He was again married to Emma Hawn, who bore him the following children: Ellen, Elma, Charles H., Esther E., Sarah, Matilda and Lena. When the war broke out and the Nation's flag was being trailed in the dust in the south, he was engaged in farming. He was 21 years of age when he entered the ranks of Co. I, 1st U.S.S.S., March 20, 1862, at Yorktown, Mich. In 1862 he was transferred in Va. to Co. I, Berdan's S.S. Aug. 15, 1864, he was wounded at Deep Bottom by minie ball in the left leg; he was taken to hospital in Washington where he was under medical treatment for seven months. He took active part in the Siege of Yorktown, Williamsburg, Fairfax, Fair Oaks, Gaines Mills, 2d Bull Run, Antietam, Rappahannock Station, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Wilderness, Front Royal, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor and Siege of Petersburg. He was honorably discharged March 2, 1865, at Washington D.C. His brother-in-law, Benj. Lyon, also served in the late war, as did his wife's father, Thomas Hawn. Comrade Philo may be addressed at Sherwood, Mich., near which place he is engaged in farming.

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