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Some have veteran information along with family relationships.

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Burr Oak Township Cemetery....Section 22, Highland Avenue

A B B2 B3 C D E F G1 G2 H1 H2 I J K L 
M1 M2 N O P R S1 S2 T U V W1 W2 Y Z Sanborn Cemetery....Section 14, Middle Colon Road Infirmary Cemetery....Located on the North side of U.S. 12 about 4 miles east of Sturgis, Michigan
Tobey Cemetery....Section 30, Big Hill Road, Sturgis Findley Cemetery-Religious....Section 4, Findley Road Sexton- Ernest Greshaw, 29962 Findley Road, Burr Oak, MI 49030 COLON TOWNSHIP Lakeside Cemetery ....Selected names supplied by Cheryl Thrams Lakeside Cemetery---Section 10, Farrand Road Part 1 Part 2 A B1 B2 C D E F G H-I J K L M
N-O P R S T U-V WA-WAT WAT-WY Y-Z South Colon (Eberhard) Cemetery ---Section 25, North Burr Oak Road Sexton- Thomas Waltke, Sr., 1-616-651-2492, 29815 Kelly Road, Sturgis, MI 49091 CONSTANTINE TOWNSHIP Brick Chapel Cemetery....Section 10 Broad Street Cemetery....Section 12 Constantine Cemetery....Section 24 Stengel Cemetery....Section 21 Sexton- Arnett's Landscaping, 1-616-435-8385, 67297 US 131, Constantine, MI 49042 FABIUS TOWNSHIP Beadle Cemetery- Abandoned....Section 10, Shady Point Road Morrison Cemetery- Inactive....Section 34, Harder Road Saint Gregory Cemetery....Section 4, Mohney Lake Road Sextons- Beadle Cemetery-Cared for by a neighboring property owner. Information regarding this cemetery should be directed to township clerk. Morrison Cemetery-Gerald Johnson, 10774 Harder, Three Rivers, MI 49093 Saint Gregory Cemetery-Father Wm. Forrest, 565000 Abbey Road, Three Rivers, MI 49093 FAWN RIVER TOWNSHIP Fawn River Cemetery....Section 10, Fawn River Road Freedom Cemetery -Inactive....Section 3, US 12 (South Side) Social Welfare Cemetery-Inactive....Section 3, US 12 (North Side) Sexton-Fawn River Cemetery-Harley Fager, 100 Maplecrest, Sturgis, MI 49091 -Freedom & Social Welfare Cemeteries-Information should be directed to township clerk. FLORENCE TOWNSHIP Calhoun Cemetery....Section 15, Banker Street Peek Cemetery....Section 7, Constantine Street Oak Grove Mennonite Cemetery-Religious....Section 14, Klinger Lake Road Sexton-None, Contact township clerk for information. FLOWERFIELD TOWNSHIP Flowerfield Cemetery....Section 1, Flowerfield Road Howardsville Cemetery....Secton 21, Creglow Road & M 216 Knobs Cemetery-Inactive....Section 30, Day Road Lower Flatbush Cemetery....Section 36, Mt. Zion Road Upper Flatbush Cemetery-Inactive....Section 26, Floating Bridge Road Sexton-Clayton Mohney, 52677 Pulver Road, Three Rivers, MI 49093 LEONIDAS TOWNSHIP Leonidas Cemetery....Section 21, North Fulton Road Factoryville Cemetery(off-site)....Section 21, Shorts Road Banta or Blossom Cemetery....Section 35, South Shannon Road Beard Cemetery(off-site) 2/3 in Leonidas Township....Section 5, North Summit 1/3 in Wakeshma Township, Kalamazoo County Sexton-Donny Overholt, 30635 Green, Leonidas, MI 49066 LOCKPORT TOWNSHIP Culbertson Family Cemetery....Section 1, Privately owned MENDON TOWNSHIP St. Edwards Cemetery(off-site)....Section 27 Dutton Cemetery(off-site)....Section 4 Mendon Cemetery....Section 28 Scotts Cemetery (also called Doans)(off-site)....Section 19 Sprung Family Cemetery(off-site)...Pleasant Rd Sexton-Don Everson, MI 49072 MOTTVILLE TOWNSHIP Mennonite Cemetery-Inactive....Section 19, State Line Road Mottville Township Cemetery....Section 7, M 103 South Sexton-James Kulp, 1-616-483-9268, 10311 James Street, White Pigeon, MI 49099 NOTTAWA TOWNSHIP Babcock Cemetery....Section 24 Laird Cemetery....Secton 2 Nottawa Cemetery....Section 35 Old Centreville Cemetery-Inactive....Section 19, N. Dean, Centreville Pioneer Cemetery-Inactive....Section 16 Prairie River Cemetery....Section 19, N. Nottawa, Centreville Sexton-Larry Brueck, 1-616-467-7423, 24368 Truckenmiller, Nottawa, MI 49075 PARK TOWNSHIP Center Park Cemetery....Section 28, Moorepark Road North Park or Mint Cemetery....Section 3, Mint Road Moorepark Cemetery....Section 20, Moorepark Road Parkville Cemetery(off-site)....Section 26, Moorepark Road South Park Cemetery....Section 35, Heimbach Road Sexton-Thomas B. English, 1-616-279-7542, 1010 Walnut, Three Rivers, MI 49093 SHERMAN TOWNSHIP Sherman or Salem Cemetery....Section 17 Sexton-None- Contact township clerk for information. STURGIS TOWNSHIP -None WHITE PIGEON TOWNSHIP White Pigeon Township Cemetery....Section 1, West Vermont Street St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery....Section 7, West Fawn River Road Sexton-James Kulp, 10311 James Street, White Pigeon, MI 49099 STURGIS CITY Oaklawn Cemetery....South Nottawa Street Sexton-Rick Bir, 130 North Nottawa, Sturgis, MI 49091 THREE RIVERS CITY Riverside Cemetery....Jefferson Street Sexton-Jerry Payne, 333 West Michigan, Three Rivers, MI 49093
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Many thanks to 'Maudie' and Josie for their untiring efforts to make the majority of this cemetery data on this USGenWeb site one of the very best in the country. Transcribed and proofed by: Carole Mohney Carr and Josephine Reed Garzelloni. Thank you all for allowing us the privilege of transcribing these files.

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